Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2008

Snom Minibrowser Videostream (english)

We got lot of requests for our Snom videostream from non-german speaking people. This is for you guys :-). You may check out the germany version too.

We developed a videostreaming server to watch door- and surveilance cameras from mobotix, but it works with normal videos too.
It runs on Snom 370 only. It could run on Snom 360, but there does not exist any grayscale on the display so it would be very limited. The 370 has 256 Bit grayscale display with a resolution of 320x240. We use the "fetch" attribute, which was added in firmware 7.1.33, so it will not work with earlier versions. The stream runs in the xml minibrowser, by reloading all the time.

In our lab we realized about 15 frames per second using normal movies. The quality is fine for most applications, which have sufficient contrast and do not rely on colors. Its fine for most surveillance cameras.

You may watch our Video on Snom 370. It was taken by a mobilephone camer so the contrast is quite bad. If you are interested to test it on your phone just drop us a line:

Edit 2009-05-06: If you need a turn-key-solution for videostreaming and video surveilance with snom phones, check out our product CamerApp. Here you could download the datasheet. It's available via our distributor ALLNET or directly through our sales dep. (

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