Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2009

Snom Videostream for 820

As you may have seen at the snom world premiere of the fabulous Snom 820, our xml videostream does work for the new Snom 820 in color at full resolution of 320x240 (3,5''). I have been invited, but unfortunatelly I was not able to attend. So we had to set it up remotely. They presented some webcams distributed in their office in Berlin. Thanks to Sascha and Oliver for testing it on a real 820, because we did not have access to a prototype at that point of time.

The stream is pretty fast. So its even a bit faster than at Snom 370, because the images can be transmitted as jpeg instead of bmp, which needs less bandwidth at a higher resolution. Framerate depends on multiple factors like firmware version, network latency, type of camera and the transcoding server. Additionally we added some functionality to move mobotics cameras (or even other network camers) around and zoom using the keypad.

If you are interessted I can make a video of the stream running at a Snom 820 and/or send you a link to the stream (have to set this up first so it may take some time, because we are quite busy atm).

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